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UX Writing for Dell Technologies

Dell Digital Accessibility Education

As the Senior UX writer assigned to the Accessibility Education team, my role included a variety of technical and instructional writing tasks. When I joined the team in June 2022, the ream priority was to complete level 2 of our ACE (Accessibility Champions Education) program. The goal of ACE is to educate Dell's workforce on the importance, practice, and implementation of accessibility throughout Dell's products.

ACE Level 2

The ACE Level 2 educational program consisted of 8 modules covering such topics as the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines), common accessibility issues, using automated testing tools, and accessibility-focused personas. 

My Team

I worked on a team which included a project manager, UX designer, instructional designer, and a software engineer. This was the bulk of the accessibility education team. Throughout the project, we were also joined by accessibility SMEs, and (insert others here).

Working remotely, our team met daily for touchpoints and working meetings via Teams. I also attended weekly reporting sessions and standups with the general Accessibility team and the Generative Content team.

My Work

Creating the ACE Level 2 program required a high level of collaboration with all members of my team.

Throughout the project, I was responsible for:
Copyediting and proofreading written content.
Approving edits and track changes in Word.
Maintaining file structure within Teams.
Following naming conventions and Dell style guide.
Writing alternative text for images.
Creating clear and concise copy for learning modules.